Resource Toolkit 4

WATCH WEBISODE #7 - Strats for the P’s, B’s and SLTs.

In this webisode, we discuss how strategic direction and leadership is crucial to ensure sustainable change for Mana ōrite mō te mātauranga Māori.

It requires a collective effort from charter to classroom, ensuring governance and management is aligned and a clear action planned married with a theory of change.

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WATCH WEBISODE #8 - Mātauranga Māori: The golden, all access ticket

In this webisode, we unpack the potential of mātauranga Māori on the global stage. The unique identity of who we are as a nation, as tangata whenua, provides a bridge to the international sphere.

We also discuss how indigenous knowledge has been historically viewed, the real value of this and the benefits of language acquisition for ākonga.

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Webinar 4 - Watch live here or return later when the replay is available

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