Resource Toolkit 3

WATCH WEBISODE #5 - From the ground up: Relationship-building.

In this webisode, we look closely at how to build authentic relationships with wider ākonga hapori, including local marae, hapū and iwi.

We will share the importance of these relationships and explain why they are essential within mātauranga Māori. Furthermore, we will look at how to establish and nourish these relationships, once formed.

Finally, we will hear from others about the importance of establishing and strengthening these

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WATCH WEBISODE #6 - Foundational Networking: Finding your people.

In this webisode, we delve into the importance of creating support networks for your kura, in order to benefit ākonga. The episode is segmented into two parts: MoE and non-MoE networks.

We identify potential partnerships that could benefit your kura, explain what services they provide and share ideas on how this relationship might support this change initiative, moving forward.

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Webinar 3 - Watch live here or return later when the replay is available

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